Baroque cabinet chest sailor chest maritime captain cabinet Föhr cabinet cabinet

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Product number: 698
Material: Walnut, Oak, Rosewood, Boxwood

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Frisian captain's cabinet in walnut from around 1700. In the whaling period of the 16th-19th centuries. In the 19th century, Frisian sailors went whaling in the Arctic Ocean up to Spitsbergen. They often traveled to Holland in their relatively small ships, where they hired on to larger whaling fleets. Fishing was usually carried out in the surrounding area. On the return journey they brought sought-after furnishings with them, the most famous souvenirs being the blue, manganese and polychrome painted ones "Delft tiles", they served well as ballast on the return journey and were transported near the keel so that the ships had a good center of gravity and lay well in the water when the sea was rough. They also brought wall clocks and larger grandfather clocks with them to the islands. This cabinet could either be a souvenir from the whalers or they made it themselves in the winter time. The souls of the deceased captains will know. Front with writing flap behind drawers. Drop handles on the body. Front inlaid with fishing nets and sun, moon and stars, which symbolized navigation in seafaring. Body in walnut. Inlaid in bog oak, boxwood. Drawers in oak front walnut. Dimensions: Width: 65 Depth 33 Height 42 cm.The chest is sold!