About us

Jörg Nohrden

Jörg Nohrden antiques and art "Living ideas with patina" can be found in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein at the BAB 7 exit 14 Neumünster Mitte. Antique pieces of furniture and furnishings have been restored and sold here in Neumünster for many years.

Antiques are qualitative, contemporary, stylish and especially very sustainable consumer goods! The quality of historical materials such as wood prove that they can last for 10 generations and more. At that time, the wood was often felled according to suitable moon phases, only wood that had been seasoned for years was used that had been air-dried for 20 years or more before it was used for furniture construction. This made it possible to achieve first-class material quality.

If the longevity of antiques is taken into account, it can be stated that they have a significantly better sustainability and carbon footprint compared to new furniture. In addition, impressive studies were published in which a 16-fold better Co2 balance was determined! The furnishing of historical furniture thus contributes to a sustainable reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.

I have been dealing with antique furniture, furnishings and objects of art for a few decades.

"Living ideas with patina" stands for individuality, gentle restoration processes, preservation of the unique patina and originality in the restoration of an object.

Most of the furniture offered here is unique from the old days and was still made by hand. In the exhibition we mainly show original pieces of furniture from the 18th to the 20th century. Good antique originals are becoming increasingly rare. Connoisseurs of antique furniture know that when you buy antiques, you are also acquiring an art object with an increase in value.

Through many years of personal contacts and a pioneering spirit, it has been possible to build up a network of suppliers. This still enables us to procure special pieces of antique furniture for our customers.

Our range is carefully selected for you in order to offer you a high degree of variety and quality.

We take our time with your furnishing ideas.

Be inspired by strolling through the exhibition.

In addition to the exquisite antique objects, we also offer you traditionally made upholstered or forged furniture of the best quality.

In addition, for some time now you will also find a wide range of decorative works of art from lost generations of the 19th and 20th centuries as well as contemporary paintings. In principle, paintings such as watercolours, oil paintings, pastels as well as graphics or photographs are sold without a frame! This is always individually adapted and treated to the image and taste of the new owner!

A constantly changing selection of exclusive decorations and home accessories complete the offer.

In the future, the offer will slowly but surely be expanded.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jörg Nohrden